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We welcome you for partnership with Sakhare.

Partnerships with us is an ongoing process. 

We are into Business Research with perspectives in Regulation, Innovation, Investment & Development for various Industries and catering to the Global Markets.

If you feel you can make an impact and add value to common goals.You are invited to apply for our partnership which suits best for you. 

You can partner with us as an

1. Associate Partner :( For Individuals looking for International opportunities with Challenging & Growth oriented career in Business Research as Internal/ External Consultants)

2. Alliance Partner : ( For Innovative Solution providers looking for International Business Opportunities for positioning their IP/TOT/JV/Collaborations/ Products/ Services etc)

3. Investor Partner : ( For Investors looking for International Investment Opportunities in various Industry sectors)

4. Client Partner: ( For Clients looking for Satisfactory Answers for the Toughest Questions they face in their day to day business) 

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World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland 20 - 23 January 2016
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India Economic Summit 2015

New Delhi, India, 28-30 October- 2015
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1. Primary Business

      1. Natural Resources
      2. Education
      3. Healthcare




2. Secondary Business

      1. Infrastructure
      2. Power
      3. Manufacturing


3.Tertiary Business

      1. Transportation
      2. Retail
      3. ICT


4. Quaternary Business

      1. Media & Entertainment
      2. Governence
      3. BFSI


Business Process Management - Products & Services


VCollab  Solutions  ( )


    • Today’s powerful HPC clusters generate large FEA/CFD simulation results in tens of Gigabytes and beyond, but managing these massive files has become a major pain point for engineers, IT, and HPC. Not only does Big Data overwhelm disk storage systems, it is difficult to transfer, share, and post-process.
    • VCollab technology reduces file sizes dramatically for easy collaboration. Now global teams can collaborate on even the largest models and simulations.
    • Visual Communication among distributed workforce is becoming critically important in improving productivity and quality.
    • VCollab's solutions address these issues and provide a state of the art common Visual Collaboration platform for viewing 3D information, in particular CAD, CAM, and CAE data, for the manufacturing industry.
    • VCollab's solutions are designed to dramatically reduce the burden of communicating 3D data and eliminates the need for domain specific authoring tools, breaking down communication barriers.





Lanner Solutions    ( )


WITNESS 13 - Making it easier to provide answers for business critical problems

WITNESS 13 delivers a rich set of professional tools to model and simulate any business process no matter how complex. Whether you work in manufacturing or service industries, are focused on continuous improvement strategies or with a particular investment in mind, WITNESS offers an accessible, flexible platform to test and verify business change scenarios in a risk free and cost effective way.

With WITNESS 13 modeling is quicker and more intuitive than ever helping to deliver answers faster, keeping you ahead of your competitors.


  • Powerful Element Libraries and Control Options
    WITNESS 13 offers a unique range of elements with real breadth and depth coupled with a comprehensive set of logic rules and control options which enable rapid and flexible modeling. It is this productivity that makes WITNESS stand out from the crowd.

  • Powerful Modular Modeling
    WITNESS 13 delivers professional capability with a track record of large scale model production. Powerful hierarchy features allow users to clone, manipulate and reuse sections of existing models using modular saves and concepts of inheritance.

  • Costing and Sustainability Support
    WITNESS 13 can provide complete cost and revenue analysis for models and supports the measurement of sustainability factors such as energy consumption, carbon emissions and the use of water, steam, etc. These features allow processes to be designed and manipulated to take advantage of sustainability benefits and cost savings.

  • Comprehensive Reporting
    WITNESS 13 delivers comprehensive reporting facilities as standard. Statistics such as element counts, utilization, queue limits are all shown at the touch of a button in a variety of configurable tabular and chart formats.

  • Comprehensive Experimentation with Optimization as Standard
    WITNESS 13 benefits from our new Experimenter. This supports simple through to sophisticated experimentation, via an easy to use interface. Live graphs and tables of results give the user immediate feedback and insight. For those who seek more control, it supports a full API. For those who seek more power, Experimenter comes as standard with extensive optimization capabilities. Set objectives, parameters and constraints and let Lanner technology do the work for you.

  • 3D Simulation
    WITNESS 13 Quick3D™ allows the creation of a 3D view of a model with just a single click. Drawing on a library of 3D objects the user can configure this view and use the dialogs to configure 3D element sizes, orientations, materials and the arrangements of floors and height information. The library is extendable to use shapes in popular formats such as VRML.

  • Connectivity
    WITNESS 13 supports CAD and XML imports and includes linkage options to and from a wide range of platforms. Wizards enable easy connections with Excel and a wide range of databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Access, etc. WITNESS 13 also features methods to control simulations using VBA, C# and other options for simulation application development.








csimsoft ( )


Trelis Overview


Trelis is csimsoft's high-end commercial pre-processor for FEA and CFD, based on the time-proven Cubit™ software from Sandia National Laboratories. For more than two decades, csimsoft has developed Cubit in conjunction with Sandia, and is Sandia's authorized distributor for academic and commercial use.


Trelis is much more than Cubit with a new name. Trelis includes all the feature and usability requests from commercial Cubit users throughout the world.


Three Versions of Trelis


Because CFD and FEA needs are different, csimsoft introduces


  • Trelis FEA™
  • Trelis CFD™
  • Trelis Pro™


Trelis FEA has features and algorithms specifically designed to meet the needs of FEA users. Trelis CFD includes powerful tools and new features that enable meshing for CFD. Trelis Pro combines all the features of Trelis FEA and Trelis CFD.


Trelis Features


Trelis 14.0 raises the standard for FEA and CFD pre-processing. Companies worldwide realize how critical mesh generation is to FEA and CFD analysis. With Trelis FEA and Trelis CFD, users have specific tools for generating great meshes for either FEA or CFD solvers. 












AnyLogic  ( )


  • AnyLogic's visual development environment significantly speeds up the development process
  • The included object libraries provide the ability to quickly incorporate pre-built simulation elements
  • Reusability through fully object oriented structure
  • A visual integrated development environment makes it easy to convert from other widely used IDEs to AnyLogic
  • Pre-built object libraries show how the experts did it! Those objects can be easily reused
  • Develop agent-based, system dynamics, discrete-event, continuous and dynamic system models, in any combination, with one tool
  • AnyLogic supports the seamless integration of discrete and continuous simulations
  • The native Java environment supports limitless extensibility including custom Java code, external libraries, and external data sources
  • An extensive statistical distribution function set provides an excellent platform for simulating the uncertainty inherent in all systems
  • A powerful experimental framework, built-in support for Monte Carlo simulations and advanced forms of optimization support a wide variety of simulation approaches
  • AnyLogic's simple yet sophisticated animation functions allow the development of visually rich, interactive simulation environments
  • Automatic applet creation allows users to quickly build simulations that can be broadly disseminated — they can even be placed on a website










CONFLEX 7 permits fast, accurate, automated conformation searching and
analysis. Unique to CONFLEX 7 is its capability to completely search the
conformational space of a flexible molecule to find every optimal structure
of chemically significant conformers.
CONFLEX 7 is not limited to finding only locally-optimized structures that
depend on an initial structure input by the user. For analyzing
conformations of large molecules, PARALLEL CONFLEX, a parallelized
version of CONFLEX 7 is available.
Additionally, CONFLEX 7 can perform crystal packing of generated
conformers and permits residue substitution.
CONFLEX Interface™
The CONFLEX Interface is the visualization and analysis platform developed
by CONFLEX specifically for viewing and analyzing CONFLEX 7 output.
The CONFLEX Interface contains functions for molecular structural analysis,
molecular orbital analysis, standard vibrational analysis, dynamic analysis,
displaying IR, NMR, CD, UV/Visible spectra, and analyzing crystal packing of
CONFLEX-generated conformers.
Visualization functions can create, display, and manipulate 3D depictions of
molecular structures based on results computed by molecular computation
programs such as CONFLEX 7, and are designed specifically to facilitate the
analysis of these results.
Conformation Analysis Consulting
As an alternative to licensing CONFLEX software, clients can outsource their
needs to CONFLEX Corporation by way of its Conformation Analysis
Consulting services.
The team of conformational experts at CONFLEX can provide fast
turn-around in helping you to solve problems related to molecular








WinSim    ( )


Rigorous Process Simulation for Chemical and Hydrocarbon Processes including Refining, Refrigeration, Petrochemical, Gas Processing, Gas Treating, Pipelines, Fuel Cells, Ammonia, Methanol, Sulfur and Hydrogen Facilities

  • 60+ Thermodynamic Methods / 1,200+ Component Database
  • Crude and Multi-Component Distillation Towers
  • Flash Vessel Sizing / 2 phase heat Exchanger Rating
  • Three Phase Thermodynamic Calculations (vapor, hydrocarbon liquid and aqueous liquid)
  • Crude Feed Specifications (ASTM D-86/1160, TBP)
  • ChemTran Data Regression and Property Constants
  • Automatic Output to Microsoft Excel
  • Visual Basic / Visual C++ interface
  • Inline Fortran / Process Optimization


Link2WinSim allows anyone to embed the powerful capabilities of one of the most advanced process simulation companies in the world in their proprietary software. 

  • Component Physical Properties
  • Thermodynamics
  • Flash Calculations

Link2WinSim can help you enhance the capabilities of your proprietary software package or quickly enable the decision making of your field personnel.









Luxion ( )


LUXION specializes in technology advancing state of the art in rendering and computer based lighting simulations. We have expert knowledge in areas related to rendering technology, daylighting (atmospheric scattering), light scattering by materials (BRDF and BSSRDF models), light transport algorithms such as photon mapping, and spectral simulations. We offer consulting and develop proprietary applications and libraries for customers in need for software capable of precisely calculating the scattering of light in complex 3D environments.  

KeyShot (formerly HyperShot) is the first standalone interactive ray tracing and global illumination program available. KeyShot is developed exclusively by Luxion as a turn-key rendering solution for anyone interested in producing photographic imagery. KeyShot imports a wide variety of CAD formats and makes it easy and fast to produce photorealistic renderings of these CAD models. KeyShot does not require an expensive graphics card and it runs on both PCs and Macs


VELUX Daylight Visualizer is a simulation tool developed by Luxion for the VELUX Group. It provides physically based simulations and analysis of the effect of windows and daylighting in buildings. The visualizer includes a modeling component that makes it possible to build simple house models and add windows from an integrated database of VELUX roof products and generic facade products. It is also possible to perform daylighting simulation on models imported from a 3d CAD package.












Barco  (

Barco, headquartered in Belgium, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional markets: control rooms, defense & aerospace, digital cinema, healthcare, media & entertainment and simulation & virtual reality.

 In these markets Barco offers user-friendly imaging products that optimize productivity and business efficiency. Its innovative hard- and software solutions integrate all aspects of the imaging chain, from image acquisition and processing to image display and management







Site Acquisition




Our team is made up of both experienced telecom professionals who understand each aspect of the site acquisition process. Equipped with deep technical knowledge and experience in all telecommunication facets, Sakhare is well positioned to acquire reliable wireless telecommunication sites within your timeline and at the lowest possible cost. With unsurpassed sourcing expertise and negotiating skills, partnering with Sakhare  means partnering for success!


Sakhare performs due diligence and accountability in the following areas:


  • Search      Ring Analysis
  • Zoning      Analysis
  • Site      Canvassing & Identification
  • Site      Acquisition Information Package (SAIP)
  • Evidence      of Title / Title Review
  • Feasibility      Walks / Design Visits
  • Lease      Exhibits
  • Environmental      Assessment
  • Lease      Agreement Negotiation
  • Lease      Amendment Negotiation
  • Entry      & Testing Agreements
  • Co-Location      Agreements


Site Location Services


Drawing on our global telecommunication reach and strong site acquisition expertise, we ensure that the right site is secured in the shortest possible time, saving time, effort and money.


By utilizing the network design information provided by the carrier, we conduct extensive search ring analysis prior to visiting the site to determine the most suitable site candidates. Once the most viable sites have been identified, we produce technical site survey reports and evaluations of structural soundness so you get a comprehensive understanding of the suitability of each site. We take into consideration the unique requirements of each client’s wireless development strategy and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.


Sakhare uses new age technologies to maintain and promote a database of “ready-to-lease” sites for telecommunication carriers.


Sakhare also provides site location services to industries beyond telecommunications. If you require land or space to deliver or promote your services, Contact us today.






The telecom site lease negotiation process addresses a bevy of clauses and requirements pertaining to wireless telecommunication leases. Our expert site acquisition agents cut through these complexities to ensure smooth lease negotiations and securing the best lease rates possible. We understand how much lease rates affect your business’s bottom line. That is why we work to guarantee you the most cost-effective lease possible.


After the cell tower or rooftop lease has been executed and signed, the process of acquiring local site plan permits and meeting zoning regulations follows.


Site Zoning and Permitting


Sakhare is well versed in the local and national regulations tied to telecom networks and land use. We conduct negotiations and facilitate site plan approval processes with municipalities, and other local and governmental agencies to clear the path for your wireless deployment.


Resource Management and Recruiting


The telecommunication industry is advancing rapidly.


The new business paradigm requires a number of telecommunication professionals and consultants to help cover short and long term assignments in very short timeframes. By utilizing Sakhare's telecommunication recruiting and management services, you won't need to hire full time employees for short-term assignments.


Sakhare offers telecommunication staffing and management services manages all your telecommunication resource requirements. Our outsourced staffing program provides industry professionals to work on your projects on a moment's notice. Our contractors are reassigned based on your project's needs.


Sakhare offers the only viable solution for telecommunication job outsourcing. Contact us to discuss your immediate and future human resource needs.


Architectural Engineering




Sakhare realizes how “speed to market” demands rapid responses to connect with opportunities in order to expand your business.


At Sakhare, we provide telecommunications architecture, design and engineering services with our customers’ network coverage, RF propagation, and capacity needs in mind.


By applying the experience gained from the installations , our team of telecommunication and industry professionals, accredited technical experts and seasoned project managers are ready to ensure your project completes on time, on budget, and with demonstrable quality.


Construction Design


Designing and constructing the most efficient and cost-effective wireless network solutions is our goal.


To this end, we first consult with the customer and equipment providers to understand their needs in terms of timeframes and budgetary restrictions. Then, we develop thorough, innovative and cost effective construction designs—using the latest in CAD and BIM technology—to help competitively position the customer for success.


Whether we are constructing new towers, sites and build-outs, installing rooftop antennas or designing and delivering stealth installations, we cultivate open communication with the entire team and apply best industry practices from the design phase through to final integration.


Architectural Design


Sound architectural application of major build elements is key to any successful telecommunication project.


With this in mind, Sakhare’s technical and architecture experts design custom site solutions for a broad array of telecommunications facilities, including switches, hubs, various tower alternatives, water tanks, high voltage utility tower applications, roof tops, steeples, clock towers, etc. These facilities are designed to accommodate a variety of telecommunication applications including cellular, broadband, DAS, fiber distribution networks and microwave backhaul systems.


Since the communication of design concepts and ideas with clients and client communities is imperative for successful permitting, Sakhare has developed proven methods of visual communication, including computer generated perspective renderings, photo simulations and specialized graphic presentations.


Sakhare has been applying “Green Design Principles” wherever necessary.


Beyond methodologies, Sakhare brings you into the process from the onset to ensure that a design program is devised to meet all your budgetary, safety, technical and time requirements.


Structural Engineering


Before anything can be built, erected, or co-located, the first thing we consider is cost and safety.


At Sakhare, our engineers have a demonstrable track record of ensuring both of these factors on all our telecommunication installations. Utilizing sound structural engineering principles, our team efficiently creates effective structural systems that pave the way for safe telecom sites. As seasoned professionals in the telecom arena, we understand not only the structural, civil and geotechnical aspects of each project, but how to best apply them to effective solutions for towers, water tanks, rooftops and other unique applications.


Whether you require our services for a one-time installation, or a multi-phase build, our structural engineers will exact their knowledge to provide you with a safe, economical and timely platform from which to start.


Design Builds


Would you like less costs and more control over your next wireless deployment?


TCG provides a telecommunications delivery system where the design and construction facets of any telecommunication project coincide to minimize your risk and maximize your return. Because we handle the design, deployment and construction management aspects of the job, you benefit from greater ongoing communication and flexibility in addressing such issues as design revisions, budgets, construction schedules, permitting, and billing. Our streamlined design-build approach also results in greater value, as you are free to adjust methods and materials throughout each phase of the project.


Whether it’s a large-scale build for a carrier or a single tower, Sakhare is equipped to build any telecommunication tower, rooftop, or specialized antenna installation to your exact specifications. Utilizing our design build model, we safeguard your project from running over budget and ensure it is completed to your satisfaction.


Sakhare provides the following services in relation to your design build:


  • Project      Management
  • Construction      Management
  • Land      Surveys
  • Site      and Equipment Audits
  • Geotechnical      Engineering
  • Structural      Engineering
  • Planning      / Design
  • CAD      Drawings / Documents
  • Zoning      and Permitting
  • Utility      Coordination
  • Tower      Management




Network Upgrades / Change-Outs


In this fast-paced industry, we understand the need to maintain continuous network oversight and control. Sakhare stands ready to quickly upgrade and change-out existing wireless infrastructure to ensure network reliability and reach.


Our telecom experts have intrinsic knowledge of telecommunications systems and equipment and will expedite your network upgrades and technology change-outs to meet your expansion goals.


Telecommunication Services


Project Management


Sakhare manages your wireless deployment from end-to-end. Adhering to efficient workflow processes, Sakhare quickly meets project milestones by assessing project scope and coordinating our resources accordingly.


Our depth and breadth of site acquisition experience enables us to examine your development goals and devise a strategic plan that will bring rapid success to your wireless deployment.


Sakhare  partners with you to identify the best possible solutions across all facets of your telecommunication project.


Construction Management


Whether it’s a large-scale construction project or turnkey site, Sakhare meets your unique construction management needs.


Across all phases of a project - from pre-purchase consultation and planning to site construction and supervising – Sakhare maintains a high-level of service that makes certain your project finishes on time and on budget.


We offer the following telecommunication construction services:


  • Engineering      consulting
  • Project      management
  • Civil      and tower construction
  • Tower      modifications and enhancements
  • Installation      of new equipment
  • Technology      equipment upgrades
  • Equipment      modifications
  • Line      and antenna reconfiguration
  • Microwave      path analysis
  • Electronics      equipment deployment
  • Switch      installation
  • Sweep      testing


If you’d like more information on our construction management services, contact us today.


Tower Management


We identify, develop and manage build-to-serve tower management projects for the wireless community with reliability and efficiency.


Equipped with the technical prowess to solve complex issues that arise out of tower engineering, our team is poised to provide an array of services for both owned and managed tower sites. These include:


  • Tower      site construction
  • Site      acquisition
  • Site      management
  • Tower      sales and marketing
  • Co-location      leasing
  • On-going      asset management services
  • Site      promotion
  • Lease      optimization


Lease Optimization


At Sakhare, we understand how real estate costs impact your bottom line. That’s why we help wireless and other companies optimize existing leases to bring operational costs down and streamline agreements for future expansion. Through our relationships with landlords, we work to optimize lease terms through lease renewals, reductions, extensions, and provisions for ongoing rooftop or tower usage.


Learn how we can enhance your lease terms for greater cost-efficiency.


Site Audits


At the onset of any site acquisition or construction, it is vital to conduct a thorough audit of your site. To this end, our experts provide complete surveys and reporting on all types of sites, including towers, poles, and rooftops to verify regulatory compliance is met.


Building Permitting


The Sakhare team is well versed in the local and national regulations tied to telecom networks and land use.


We conduct negotiations and facilitate site plan approval processes with municipalities, and other local and governmental agencies to clear the path for your wireless deployment.


Utility Coordination


Our utility coordination specialists are adept at negotiating each facet of your project, clearing the way for your wireless deployment.


We’ve developed business relationships across utility agencies and governmental bodies over our projects, which aids us in our efforts to elude project delays and cost increases.




























Solution overviews










  • Enterprise Technologies
  • Process Technologies
  • Application Technologies
  • Infrastructure Technologies
  • Managing Technology Investments
  • Technology Strategy &  Planning
  • Product Strategy, Design &       Engineering.
  • Strategic  Enterprise Architecture
  • Automation of  manual tasks
  • Management Reporting
  • Analytics for decision making
  • Integration between management systems

Our Markets Solutions offerings help businesses and corporate clients (domestic and global) to:

We can provide the following services to our clients:

  • Global market research:      in-depth market understanding
  • Market entry strategy:      identification of the best distribution channels
  • Global market analysis: are      your products marketable in Global markets and what is the      potential
  • Global market expansion:      growth and increase of market share
  • Establishment of sales channels:      implementation of market entry strategy


  1. Ease entry into new markets
  2. Understand need gaps
  3. Launch new products
  4. Decide product positioning
  5. Create better informed business strategies
  6. Assess market feasibility
  7. Make sound business decisions

This is done by analyzing some critical issues such as:

  • What is the size of the target market?
  • How should I market and promote my offerings in new territory?
  • Will my products or needs have to be adjusted to meet the needs of      the target market?
  • How can I price my products and services?
  • What are the different routes to market?
  • How can I ensure that target audience understands my offerings?
  • Identifying Specific Pain Areas & Issues

Addressing four strategic challenges:

  1. Market Consolidation: Increase market share of products in existing      markets
  2. Market Development: Sell existing products in new markets
  3. Diversification: Create new products for existing markets.
  4. Product Development: Launching a new product in a completely new      market.

Our market research service offerings fall under two broad categories:

A. Market Assessment Services

  • Market Size
  • Market Segmentation
  • Potential Assessment
  • Need Assessment

B. Customer / Vendor Research Services

  • Voice of customer/ channel
  • Customer Satisfaction Study
  • Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Product Testing
  • Pricing Studies

Advantages of our market research offerings:

  • Multi-industry & multi-function expertise
  • Customized approach in alignment with client's business
  • Implementation focussed methodology
  • Data backed insights
  • Capability of conducting surveys on multiple formats

Whether it is in understanding an existing or new market or analyzing the voices of the stakeholder Sakhare helps you make intelligent decisions for the future of your business.



Manufacturing  BFSI Transportation
Infrastructure Retail  Telecommunication
Governance Media & Entertainment

Natural Resources  



Developing the systems that effectively streamline internal government processes and operations to simplify and improve functioning of the government. This in turn facilitates seamless transaction of information and services in the rural areas. Our consultants from the government and information technology sectors are culturally aware and have the capability to deliver end-to-end solutions. Our consultants bring the right experience and expertise to design the reference architectures and roadmaps to achieve the e-Governance objective. We also take into account security, associated risks and other change management aspects while framing your e-Governance strategy.

e-Governance helps in integrating and simplifying government services, reducing the time citizens and businesses spend obtaining/submitting information from/to the government, increasing government transparency by cutting down corruption, improving government finances through enhanced revenue collection and cost reduction, and improving the business environment in the country for private sector development and to enhance foreign direct investment.

e-Governance is a tool for achieving good governance and is not an end in itself. In good governance, public processes and institutions produce results that meet the needs of society while making the best use of resources at their disposal. It also requires that the institutions and processes try to serve all stakeholders within a reasonable timeframe. To be more specific, e-Governance is what helps the government achieve this goal. It allows citizens to communicate with the government, participate in the government's policy-making and reflect their true needs.


At Sakhare we believe, Organizations operate with a set of principles and these principles are normally part of the vision and mission statements of a company. The mission and vision chart the course of action in day-to-day operations and future business planning and development.We understand that, Innovation, leadership and Governance form an Integral part of any organization.

Globalization, Competition,  and Consumer demand. In this era of constant change, the way a company delivers value today likely won’t be the same way that it delivers value tomorrow. Generating top-line and bottom-line growth lies at the heart of any organization’s ability to deliver shareholder value.

Leading companies today recognise that Innovation is critical to delivering consistent business results in all economic conditions.The speed of change in the new economy has reinforced the value of Innovation and we can deliver on this. To be competitive in the global marketplace, organizations need to deliver new products, services and even business models to market quickly, reliably and cost effectively.

We know that Leadership is to implement these principles and guide your organization to be successful in its mission. Strong leadership in any business setting is critical to the success of that organization. Some may argue that some leaders are born and some leaders are created. In reality, this is a mixture of both, but in any case, all good leaders need to learn the fundamentals of leadership and then continually educate themselves and learn from experiences to be a better leader in the future.

Governance is how the leadership and the company are organized. There are different types of governance structure, depending on the size and type of organization. Large company will have a board of directors as their governance, while a small may just have the Vice president of the company and a less structured governance system. The governance team, the mission and vision of the Company, and the leadership team must all be in sync together to be a successful organization.

Our Innovation offerings help clients develop a wide array of capabilities to achieve market-leading revenue and profitability growth.We successfully help organizations develop new innovative businesses. We also help our clients build lasting internal capabilities, ranging from Innovation Incubators to global centres, that enable Sustainance and consistence.



n this changing world, investment opportunities are no longer the domain of the developed markets or economies, but can be sourced from less-developed and non-traditional markets, such as timber, agriculture, emerging-market debt, and equity.

Investing has therefore become more complex with the addition of these more exotic asset classes, but there are also numerous managers. Do you have the in-house expertise to research all of them? Do you have the experience of working with all these asset classes?


As a leading  investment research Solutions  provider to global financial institutions, Sakhare works with both buy-side and sell-side firms that are looking for smarter ways of managing operations even as they seek to accelerate their speed of response to market changes. Sakhare enables such firms to retain the flexibility of deploying their senior staff for greater client facing roles, improve their analyst to coverage ratio but without a drop in quality and depth, and achieve all this cost-effectively through our offshoring model.


We offer equity, fixed income and economic research support across all major geographies and in over 12 sectors for both buy-side and sell-side firms. In addition, we assist Investment Banks, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms by supporting them with research and analysis for transactions and activities at every stage of a deal cycle. 


  • Equity Research
  • Fixed Income & Credit Research
  • Investment Banking Research & Analysis
  • PE-VC Research
  • Economic Research
  • Sustainable & Responsible Investing (SRI) Research


Equity Research


Sakhare offers a wide range of sell-side research  services to a broad spectrum of clients, including leading Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Brokerage Firms and Independent Research Providers in the US, Europe & Asia region. We combine both our deep domain expertise across industries and geographies...[More]


Fixed Income & Credit Research


Sakhare’s fixed income and credit research practice services reputed and large global banks, sell-side firms, buy-side firms, and independent research and data providers across the globe. We offer research and analytical support across rating categories, products, regions and fixed income areas, helping investment decision makers worldwide. Sakhare’s customer-centric approach, highly customized research solutions, experienced team and top quality service standards have won us accolades from clients. [More]


Investment Banking Research & Analysis


Sakhare provides a wide range of  investment research and support services to Investment Banks across 12 sectors and all major geographies. Sakhare has worked with several mid-sized and boutique investment banks in the US, Europe and Asia region assisting them with research and analytics requirements across the deal lifecycle. [More]


PE-VC Research


Sakhare offers a bouquet of high-quality, financial and business analysis services to private equity firms, across the PE funding cycle - from assessing potential investment opportunities to exit strategies. [More]


Economic Research


Financial institutions need to keep track of global economic movements in order to arrive at the right investment decisions and offer the best advice to their clients. Sakhare provides a range of qualitative and quantitative economic research outsourcing services of varying complexities including  periodic indicator watch newsletters, thematic pieces, and complex econometric modelling and forecasting assignments. [More]


Sustainable & Responsible Investing (SRI) Research


Sakhare helps Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) focused asset managers screen socially responsible companies or identify firms with superior practices relative to their industry peers. By assuming the “heavy lifting” research work, we enable our clients to focus on high-value adding activities like idea generation and fund raising. [More]




From expanding markets to increasing global competition, and from rising customer expectations to advanced technologies, every change in the market impacts a company's operational performance—often dramatically.                   

Exceptionally savvy companies manage these changes by developing broad, cohesive, end-to-end global operating strategies to enable profitable growth and reach high performance.

Our High Performance research consistently confirms that operational excellence and execution are key attributes of leading companies in any industry. Our experience shows that through the combination of the right operating model, the right business strategy and the right execution path, regardless of economic conditions, companies ride out recessions more successfully and emerge from them more quickly, developing competitive advantage with pace, certainty and agility.

Our Operations and Process Transformation takes an end-to-end approach to achieving excellence in execution. We drive measureable business benefits that transcend cost-cutting to deliver a true “execution advantage,” swifter, simpler and more flexible responses, and rigorous process execution across the enterprise to ensure certainty of outcomes

We improve the visibility and control of your business processes, helping to ensure that your business operations differentiate you from your competition, deliver the right goods and services, and meet the demand of your customers for consistency and convenience. We  provide market-leading capabilities that can help your organization:


  • Optimize      business operations with real-time visibility into work in progress      through continuous process monitoring and analytics
  • Accelerate      task completion through robust collaboration capabilities
  • Manage      change confidently with intuitive governance
  • Deliver      more meaningful customer engagements by extending business processes to      mobile
  • Drive      continuous insights into business operations through seamless integration      of business processes with core enterprise systems.


  • Generating      top-line and bottom-line growth lies at the heart of any organization’s      ability to deliver shareholder value. Leading companies today recognise      that Technology is critical to delivering consistent business results in      all economic conditions. The speed of change in the new economy has      reinforced the value of Technology and Sakhare can deliver on this.      To be competitive in the global marketplace, organizations need to deliver      new products, services and even business models to market quickly,      reliably and cost effectively.
  • Our      Technology offerings help clients develop a wide array of capabilities to      achieve market-leading revenue and profitability growth. We have      successfully helped many organizations develop new innovative businesses,      products and services. We also help our clients build lasting internal      capabilities, ranging from Innovation Incubators to global R&D centres      to PLM systems, that enable sustained, consistent results. Our unrivalled      experience in delivering Innovation capabilities is underpinned by deep      knowledge on how to move organisations to both optimise core      product/service innovation and development levers and find new paths to      growth.


  • CTOs      are facing increased demands driven by the changing economic environment      and shifts in the way products and services are sold and delivered. These      factors have created an imperative to leverage new and innovative      technology solutions. Better Technology architectures help reduce cost and      deliver profit-driving capabilities faster than ever before. Savvy      businesses understand that technology investments cannot be made solely to      enable internal and external operations; technology is now, more than      ever, a critical component to retaining and winning customers as well as      staying ahead of the competition. CTOs and their leadership teams have the      opportunity to introduce application, process and technology changes that      improve business efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately elevating the      status of Technology within the enterprise.
  • That’s      where we can help. Our Technology practice possesses the depth of talent,      breadth of experience and knowledge of current and emerging technology to      assist CTOs innovatively embrace change while maintaining overall      operational stability and security.
  • The      Technology practice advises clients in areas ranging from strategy      development to the implementation of defined tactical responses to help      realize business value and service excellence from their Technology      investments.
  • We      excel at helping companies assess their Technology and business landscapes      to develop technology strategies that address issues ranging from system      replacement to full Technology transformation. Our experience enables us      to help clients think through tactical issues while also considering the      bigger-picture potential impacts to the overall organization.
  • Our      practice brings deep knowledge and experience in technology advisory,      infrastructure planning and management, enterprise architecture,      technology innovation and IT operational optimization. This spectrum of      technology skills enables us to deliver a breadth of services including      Technology roadmap and strategy development, infrastructure planning and      consolidation, innovative technology solution development, business and      technology architecture planning and design, ITIL alignment and IT      operational transformation.
  • Our      advisory services and solutions enable clients to maximize both the value      derived from their Technology capital investments (e.g., Technology      strategy and portfolio management, innovation, architecture and      infrastructure) and the efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations      (e.g., Technology organization design, Technology Development process and      service delivery optimization and cost reduction).


  • Our      Core Capabilities
  • Technology      strategy and effectiveness
  • Assist      clients in designing their  Technology strategies to support their      business goals in areas such as designing practical  architectures,      technology platforms, operating models and plans to efficiently deliver      required business and technical capabilities.
  • Enterprise wise solution
  • Technology innovation


  • Deliver      a comprehensive enterprise architecture blueprint to support current and      future business models, and establish supporting processes required to      effectively define and deliver Technology capabilities within an      organization in a cost-effective manner.


  • Leverage      and apply emerging technologies (e.g., multi-sensory networks, pervasive      computing, next-generation Internet, community tools, etc.) to business      needs and enable a sustainable edge-out, break-out or      technologically-disruptive change to increase shareholder value.
  • Few      companies address these areas all at once, so we help clients prioritize      their areas of focus based on their organization’s individual goals and      circumstances. An effective Technology strategy and alignment process      can help companies enable key business strategies through Technology


We understand our clients’ businesses .  Our experience allows us to offer an integrated approach to service delivery, so we can better help organizations deliver more value across their entire business.


Our world-class technology capability enables us to deliver outstanding innovations for our clients and provide them with solutions that our competitors just can’t match.


We offer product design and development, manufacturing process development and technology consulting services across range of sectors including Healthcare, Telecommunications, Manufacturing.etc

 We have been bringing our clients ground-breaking innovations from developing revolutionary manufacturing processes and providing innovative

 Technology consulting

Bringing together a significant amount of cross-sector technology and innovation experience, our team offers the right expertise to help you develop the products and services that are essential for growth in a highly competitive economy.

Our services help you realise value from technology. Our experts work closely with you to deliver technology-rich programmes.  

We help you transform your innovation performance for long-term success by combining our technology knowledge with our expertise in strategy creation, product and technology development processes, and organisational development.


We are converting ideas into new products and services:


  • Commercial advantage from technology - Assisting at every step of the way in delivering technology-rich programmes.
  • Technology consulting and development - Focusing on developments and applications of technology in various sectors.
  • Innovation and technology strategy - Transforming innovation performance by combining technology knowledge with strategy, product and organisational development expertise.
  • Intellectual property management - Helping companies create, manage and exploit intellectual property (IP).
  • Innovation - Harnessing the power of open innovation: leading in a collaborative world.


  • Product design and development
  • Effective product development and commercialisation is a central driver of business growth. While line extensions and evolutionary development are an important source of revenue and profit,  the most exceptional returns often come from revolutionary developments – game-changing products and markets that draw on the latest technologies and service models.
  • Our expert technology team designs and develops new products for organisations across a broad range of sectors including healthcare, Telecommunications etc
  • We provide a one-stop product development service for you to take your product to market, from advising on business cases and creating initial concepts through to design and development; from manufacture and supply chain set-up to ongoing support for lasting success.

We add exceptional value where the development is difficult and involves:

  • commercialisation of new science or technology
  • translation of consumer or market insight into a product solution
  • integration of complex systems – frequently incorporating software, electronics, mechanical and scientific methods, increasingly in highly regulated environments
  • rapid development to capitalise on a market opportunity.


Organisations choose us because we work shoulder to shoulder with them to deliver leading-edge technologies and market insight into commercial products.  


Manufacturing process development

 Having the right process and implementation makes the difference between delivering against cost, quality and volume targets or never achieving the required performance objectives.


We bring together the right teams of engineers and scientists to deliver complete automation solutions for a wide range of applications. Our automation solutions not only increase productivity and reduce costs but also increase quality and introduce flexibility while achieving critical launch timescales. 


  • Complex process automation- delivering complete automation solutions for a wide range of applications.
  • Machine assisted inspection- how to gain an order of magnitude improvement in productivity from skilled scientists.
  • Developing novel and innovative automation and control solutions – we have developed many innovative process scale-ups, machine developments and automation and control solutions.




We offer a range of expertise solution on various areas of strategic marketing catering for Indian and foreign clients from wide variety of industries. Key functional practice areas are,


Market Opportunity Assessment

Identifying market opportunities available in targeted geographies by assessing market to derive reliable and comprehensive market information that client can use to take strategic decision....


Growth Strategy

Identifying, assessing and prioritizing sustainable growth opportunities to increase overall profitability and stakeholder values by recommending most feasible and profitable way of growth....


International Marketing

Providing end-to-end solutions right from selecting target markets, recommending market entry and go-to-market strategies and support in implementing it which gives client a rapid success in global markets and achieve sustainable and profitable sales growth....


India Entry Strategy

Providing end-to-end solutions right from idea validation, identifying opportunities available in India market and support in seizing those opportunities....


Marketing & Sales Training

Providing marketing and sales training to enhance marketing and sales performance


Sakhare works with the belief that for any organisation its partners are the most valuable assets & are the Driving force behind it. Work Environment at Sakhare is both Challenging &  Growth oriented with excellent remuneration & Benefits.


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