Sakhare | Industrial Transformation








Sakhare is committed to the Industrial Transformation in Manufacturing sector.We provide Business Research & Consulting through our Industry specific Experts & Consultants having depth of experience leading initiatives addresses many of these deficiencies and delivers results to the bottom line. We initiate these engagements by working with your people to identify opportunities for improvement and designing end-to-end business processes to ensure they operate as efficiently as possible while meeting the strategic objectives of the organization. We focus on process design as a component of any technology implementation. Business Research being very complex is at the heart of many business decisions and demands major time and effort. A well-designed, well-built business model  lower risk and successful in your objectives, and build confidence in your business support tools. It can be useful for developing or assessing financial projections to support financial programs, as well as for mergers and acquisitions, partnering transactions, intellectual property licensing, performance improvement, restructuring and damage assessments for litigation.

We can assist you in :

  • Business Modeling, Analysis & Design
  • Business Planning/ Strategy/ Execution
  • Business Feasibilities/ Publishing
  • Resource / Capital Requirements
  • Corporate Governance and System Optimization
  • Project Management/ Equipment Planning & Procurement
  • Technologies – JV, M & A, Tech Transfer.
  • Industrial Automation
  • Investment Assistance
  • Regulatory Assistance
  • Commissioning / Supply chain improvement
  • Marketing & Sales improvement