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Dear Stakeholders,

Welcome to  Sakhare,

With the rapid growth in globalization we are increasing our awareness on various issues in leading Better & sustainable life. Our Environment ,Economic & Social  issues are experiencing rapid change. Businesses today have to deal with these facts & ensure excellence in their offerings to Society for improving the Quality of life.

Sakhare serves the Society with its diversified Solutions offering  needed in various walks of life.

We are confident that Sakhare will continue its effort in shaping the world around us through its Quality based Solutions with a global perspective.

In order to achieve this, We have to continue improving our capabilities in providing  world class  Products & Services .This can be achieved by our focus on creating innovative Products & Services by properly understanding the requirements of the Society.

We believe that Business Leadership is the key to its Governance & Success of any Business. Hence, would like to bring forth the Business Thought &  Practice at Sakhare. Our  goal is to  lead  Sakhare with a strong, valued Business identity & to ensure  it continues to grow as a major contributor for Global Economic & Social growth .

Last but not the Least, I would say, so as we have in Life,so as in Business, Sakhare continually faces new challenges in meeting the needs of Society . Sakhare has the dedicated  like minded people working  with determination with a dream to create a world with plenty of  happiness for all.

Thank you for visiting.


Dhanraj Sakhare

Chairman & Managing Director




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