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          Most companies realize the value of efficient, consistent and scalable business processes, but struggle when it comes to driving process improvement. They are challenged with manual processes, bottlenecks, and under-utilization of technology, all of which adversely affect business performance.    

          At Sakhare, we understand that business Analysis is important for an organization to drive tangible results. Our consultants' depth of experience leading initiatives addresses many of these deficiencies and delivers results to the bottom line. We initiate these engagements by working with your people to identify opportunities for improvement and designing end-to-end business processes to ensure they operate as efficiently as possible while meeting the strategic objectives of the organization. We focus on process design as a component of any technology implementation.

      We initiate this effort by engaging your people in a comprehensive gap analysis to determine which business requirements are being met by current processes, and which are not. The results are discussed with your stakeholders and prioritized based on the investment of time, capital, and human resources it will require to optimize the business processes. The business process analysis project culminates in a decision to proceed with business process redesign.

      Depth of experience across multiple vertical industries and business functions provides our consultants with the ideal tool kit to effectively design business processes. We deconstruct each business process into individual activities and leverage existing people and supporting technologies to minimize unproductive activities resulting in an optimal business process. These efforts result in significant increases in operational efficiencies and productivity, and are often the prerequisite to other key initiatives, such as technology evaluation, selection, and implementation.

Business Optimization being very complex is at the heart of many business decisions and demands major time and effort. A well-designed, well-built business model  lower risk and successful in your objectives, and build confidence in your business support tools. It can be useful for developing or assessing financial projections to support financial programs, as well as for mergers and acquisitions, partnering transactions, intellectual property licensing, performance improvement, restructuring and damage assessments for litigation.

We view the below dimensions

  • Regulation : We help you define for planning, budgeting and forecasting, as well as strategies for revenue enhancement, cost management and performance reporting.
  • Innovation: We help you define for Technology Concept, Design, Building, Operation, Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul.
  • Investment: We help you define for pricing, debt and equity structuring, working capital forecasting and synergy analysis
  • Development: We help you define for Market Research, Strategy, Communication, Sales forecasting ..etc

We help to answer key questions that every business needs to ask about their business Optimization, including:

  • Is your Optimization accurate and reliable?
  • Have you understood your businesses' commercial and financial drivers and connected them together in a model?
  • Do you have a model that is able to run the key operational, commercial and financing sensitivities?
  • Do you have a sufficiently detailed cash and covenant analysis?

How we can help you

We provide independent assessments of existing business- tools or develop and implement new ones. We offer:

Combining our commercial, financial and industry experience and deep technical knowledge, we design and build robust, flexible models in a timely manner with insightful, fact-based output.

 We provide commentary and instruction on building or testing business models. We provide Simulation support on budgeting and forecasting, as well as strategies for revenue enhancement, cost management and performance reporting. We provide comments on operational models prepared by you or a third party

We can also comment on existing business Simulation to show how different financial or commercial assumptions impact your cash position, profit, tax or financing structure.

Help to ease time and resource constraints: We integrate effectively with your team, as well as your advisors, bankers, management and sponsors, to help facilitate a smoother decision-making process.

An independent perspective: We bring an unbiased viewpoint to our work, giving you a more insightful understanding of the impact of different financial, operational and commercial assumptions on your profit, tax or financing position. We help you make decisions with a greater degree of confidence. 

Business Optimization work that spans all phases and elements of your business: We can consider everything from pre-deal high-level business planning to operational and financial Simulation and assessment. We also develop analytical and forecasting tools to improve overall performance.


Business Optimization