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About Sakhare

We are proud to introduce you to Sakhare.

Sakhare, founded in 2008, Headquartered in New Delhi, India, is a leader in Business Research.

Our Offerings include Research based Solutions in Regulation, Innovation, Investment, & Development.

We work for various Industries including Natural Resources, Healthcare, Education, Power, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Retail, FMCG, Transportation, ICT, Media & Entertainment, & BFSI, for the Global Markets.

Our Customers are among leading Institutions, Governments, Corporations ,& Co-operations.

At Sakhare, Our clients expect High Quality services and demand the best pricing for solutions in their industry. Sakhare affiliates and coordinates with some of the most innovative business minds in the marketplace. They are positioned to consult with clients, providing them with everything from start up services to identifying areas within their business that need reworking. This helps the clientele drive revenue and promote exponential growth. The consultants that work for Sakhare have a extensive industry-specific knowledge and expertise in many different industries. They are qualified to work with everyone from Small business operations to Fortune 500 companies. This kind of multifaceted & comprehensive knowledge of various industries makes our talented consultants both diverse and effective at providing synergetic relationships with business innovators & industry leaders at aggressive rates.

 Sakhare is solution oriented. The process is important, but the process must drive results. Consultations are personal evaluations of business ideas, deficiencies and goals where we provide solutions that are actionable and deliverable. We can then be as hands on or hands off, as the client wants us to be. Each client has a specific set of skill sets and a specific set of needs. It is not possible in a short introduction such as this to set out the scope of the services and solutions available for everyone. Each potential client knows that their job as a business owner can be made more fulfilling, more profitable and more enjoyable through the creation of a strategic relationship with a firm that understands the needs of a growing business. Sakhare was established to offer that kind of strategic partnership and to fill this need.




The Brand 'Sakhare' is the name of founder's family with cultural roots from Traditional age old Business Community. The Family has been involved in Organized Trade and Commerce for around more than 100 years. We mean what is called business and understand it as mode of service to humanity as whole. We believe the ups and downs in business life are all part of the game called life and consider our stake holder relationships to be final word in business. The Family business had earned Trust and value through its continuous effort during Pre Independence period by participation in Freedom Struggle and further in Nation Building by involving in various Businesses which could solve social problems then.During the early post freedom period, it holds a strong Credential when It was Identified by India's leading Oil & Gas producer (a Fortune 500 company now)as the only Business organization with the potential to invest in the region for partnership in its support venture for installing and running a Petroleum Business. With the dawn of 21st century taking the service ahead and at greater heights, Sakhare continues to drive further with Transformation in itself for changing the world around us.